Saturday, December 22, 2012

Value, my 2nd favorite part of switching.

Yesterday I talked a little bit about the "health" benefits to switching from regular tobacco cigarettes to electronic ones, so today I am going to talk about the cost benefits.

Like most smokers already know, their little habit is getting more and more expensive with each passing year. According to the CDC, in 1970, the average pack of cigarettes cost $0.38 with added tax of about $0.18.

As of 2009 though, the average pack cost $5.33 with $2.19 in taxes added on top. So smoking a pack a day would run you almost $80 a week, that's ridiculous. That definitely factored largely into why I was eager to find an alternative to smoking, especially one that was "a lot cheaper" according to my buddy who introduced me to e-cigs. Although you do have to pony up some cash to get started, if you're like how I used to be and smoke a pack a day, then it shouldn't be much more than a week's worth of cigarette money.

Once you have the starter kit you are all set. The kit usually comes with a small bottle of e-liquid, one of only two things you will have to replace. The atomizer heads are the only other item that wears out and needs occasional replacement, but they are inexpensive and usually pretty long lasting.

I tend to use my e-cig a lot so I go through about one 30ml bottle of liquid per month, which runs about $15 +S&H. I go through a 5 pack of the atomizers about once every 2 months or so and those also run about $10-15 (depending on your brand of e-cig).

~2 Month E-cig cost
30ml Liquid x2    -    $30
5pack AtmHead x1 - $15

Total   ----------------- $45

~2 Month Cigarette Cost
Pack a day @ $7/pk
$7 * 61 = $427

Thats $382 in savings! In just two months! Imagine how much you could save in a year! Not to mention the health savings too.

Overall if you are serious about quitting or at least switching  to something less harmful and a whole lot cheaper than regular smokes, try an electronic cigarette.

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