Friday, December 21, 2012


If you're here then I'm guessing you're either a current smoker, or a smoker who is trying to quit. And if you fall into that latter category, how long have you been trying? I say "trying" because most do not have the sheer willpower to just quit smoking "cold-turkey", and every time I tried some out-there method of quitting I usually ended up right back where I started: Smoking cigarettes.

That was until a friend of mine showed me a new device he had picked up at a store in town. It was an "Electronic-Cigarette" and he told me that he had been using it for almost 6 months without going back to regular cigarettes, not even once!

So I scrounged up some cash, went down to the store he told me about, and decided to give it a shot myself...

I could not be happier with that decision I made almost four years ago. That's right, it has been four years since I switched from regular tobacco to the E-Cig, and I can safely say that it has helped me in many ways.

Well for starters I don't smell like a carton of cigarettes all the time, which is nice. I also seem to have less trouble with aerobic activities and I feel as though I have somewhat improved lung function since I switched. Also I have noticed that food & drinks taste a lot better than they used to when I was a regular smoker.

 There are plenty more benefits of switching from regular cigarettes to electronic ones but I will cover those and a whole lot more in the following posts.

This blog will serve as a place to put my thoughts on the subject of E-Cigs and reviews of products as well, so please check back soon as I will be posting a lot more in the next few days!


 (PS: Sorry for the funky formatting, I don't know what happened and can't seem to fix it)


  1. that's a nice way to start the blog. keep it up...

  2. I have done the exact same thing almost a year ago. Best decision I ever made.
    Made me realize that the "smoke smell" was gone, things started tasting and smelling better.