Sunday, December 23, 2012

So many choices! How do I know what to pick?!

When shopping around for your first e-cig (especially online), it might seem overwhelming at times due to the huge selection, different brands, and many different styles of PV (personal vaporizer - the technical term for "E-Cig"). But I can help clear up that confusion with a brief guide to these choices.

First you're going to need to gauge how often you will be puffing on your e-cig, as this will be a major factor in deciding whether or not to get a drip tip or a tank system.

  • If you don't smoke that often then you will probably be best off with the standard Drip Tip that is included with most kits
  • If you are a moderate to heavy smoker then you will probably want to invest in a Tank Atomizer that will hold a reserve of E-liquid so you do not have to constantly refill your atomizer. (This is the system that I use)
  • They also make Cartridge Atomizers but these usually do not last longer than a quarter of a day and in my experiences are a total waste of money.

Another factor that comes into play is the form factor of the e-cig. Do you want it to be discrete, or is it something you don't mind people seeing and asking you about all the time?

I say this because there are models that are made to look almost identical to a regular, analog cigarette. And then there are models that look nothing like a cigarette, I have even seen one made to look like a lipstick container.
The pipe is actually an electronic cigarette... Seriously... You would get some looks if you whipped that out in public for sure.
 A more "normal" style of E-cig, and actually the exact setup I am currently using. (Works well, fyi. I will be doing a writeup on it later this week...)

Pictured below is the Joyetech 510 E-Cigarette. It is the model I was first introduced to almost 4 years ago. It is a drip tip system, although they do make it in a tank variety (and I have seen cartridges for it).

Overall, it is a very reliable unit, one that is easy to take care of and maintain. It provides a pretty decent amount of vapor and has one of the best battery life's out of all the units I have used.

If I had to recommend a unit for someone just getting into the world of digital tobacco, this would be the one. It is reliable, it is effective, and best of all, it is relatively inexpensive; Most places I have seen the 510 go for $40-50 for a starter kit.

Later this week I will go deeper in depth about the setup I use and the various other products the Joyetech company puts out, stay tuned...



  1. Dibs on the pipe!

  2. This pipe looks great. I'm using e-cigarette actually, but maybe in the future I'll buy this pipe.

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