Monday, December 31, 2012

Taking a break from the norm...

Figured I'd break up the monotony of just eCigs eCigs eCigs constantly, and ring in the New Year with a little bit of music. =]

If you like Electronic music, Dubstep, Hip-Hop, etc. Then hopefully you'll like this.
Ran across this on a group I'm part of on Soundcloud and thought it was pretty good. What do you think?

Mt. Eden - Sierra Leone (Arrows' Re-Remix) - Soundcloud

 Happy New Year everyone!

Where can I buy an eCig?

Because a user asked, I decided to make a list of reputable online eCig vendors.

Here is the list I have so far (will be updated as I find more)
  • - Vapin in the Cape. Based out of Cape Coral, FL. Great service and they have a rewards program too!
  • - Vape Dojo. I have heard good things about these guys, good service and great products.
  • - Sierra Smoke Shop. Based out of Reno, NV. Great liquids and decent selection of vapes.
That's all I have so far. I'm looking for online retailers either based internationally or willing to ship internationally, so if anyone knows of some please let me know in the comments.


Friday, December 28, 2012

Kangertech Squareone Kit

The Kangertech Squareone (or Kanger S1 as I've seen it in some places), is a relatively new entry to the eCig market, or at least new to me. I had a chance to briefly use this eCig when I ordered it for a family friend who wanted to quit smoking the same way I did, but they didn't want to pay over $60 for their kit. So I found a retailer here that sells the starter kit for $49.99.

The Squareone is essentially a square version of the eGo-T, although it can hold a lot more liquid than the eGo due to its square shape. Although filling can sometimes be tricky because of the tall atomizer.

In terms of vapor output, it is also on par with the eGo it seems.

It does have its downsides though. One slight annoyance is the fact that the thread that connects the tank to the battery is made of plastic, so if you over-tighten it the plastic threading will break and the tank will be unusable. Luckily it, like most eCig kits, included two of the tanks. But it is still an annoyance nonetheless.

Overall it is a pretty decent product, another good one for starters or someone looking to purchase a backup in case their main unit breaks.


The Blu "Premium" E cigarette Review

I'm sure you've seen ads for this company all over the internet for a while now. BluCigs is a company that has been around for a few years now and their product has gotten some pretty big attention, including being featured in a few big-screen movies.

Their product is essentially the same as the Joyetech 510, even down to being able to interconnect and use each other's charging cables, batteries, atomizers and the like. But is their product really as great as they make it out to be?

Personally? I don't think so. (Now it has been almost 4 years since I have used their product so they might have improved, but they're still using the cartridges so I don't think so.)

Whenever anyone asks about my eCig (Joye eGo) usually they remark: "Oh it's like one of those Blu cigs! My friend has one of those" or "I saw it at the kwik-e-mart" or something similar and then they go on to say they're going to go buy one of the Blu's. It's usually at that point where I have to jump in and advise them not to.

When I first found out about eCigs, even before I saw my buddy at college with an eGo, I decided to try the Blu. I mean it looked so appealing. An electronic cigarette that even came with it's own portable charging case? Wow! Sign me up!

I remember being so excited when the postman finally came and delivered the package. I ripped it open as soon as I could, got everything set up and started using it right away.

It was great, it tasted much better than regular cigarettes, and it certainly didn't smell like them. I loved it!... Until about 2 days later, when I had blown through all of the cartridges included with the starter kit.

25 cartridges in less than two days...

And I had specified the cartridges with the highest strength nicotine...

So I packaged it back up, wrote the company a nice long letter asking them to improve their product and asked for a refund (which they were at least nice enough to give me).

Now like I said before; I haven't used a Blu product since that first time almost 4 years ago, so they may have improved how long the cartridges last. But from my experience, if you are a pack-a-day or more smoker, then you should avoid the Blu cig, as it will not give you sufficient satisfaction and might even turn you off to the idea of eCigs (and that would not be good!).

If you're a light smoker, the Blu system should work fine for you. If you're a heavy smoker, avoid it and go with a Joyetech product, as they seem to satisfy the heavy smokers more.


Joyetech 510 Review

The Joyetech 510 is what I refer to as a "no-frills" eCig. It is very basic, comprised of a battery, an atomizer, and a cartridge (if you decide to use them). It's operation is equally as basic; if you bought the "manual version" you just press the button on the battery and inhale, if you bought the "automatic" version, well, you just inhale and it does the rest for you.

Pictured above is the 510-T (Tank) kit.

Now as a rule of thumb, any product that is a genuine Joyetech product is built to last. So you don't need to worry about them breaking on you due to manufacturer's defects and whatnot (this does not apply to the atomizers, I will explain that later).

I used the 510 for about 2 years, and was completely satisfied with it. It gave me my nicotine, never skimped on the vapor produced, and had a wonderful battery life that usually lasted anywhere from 8-10 hours before dying.

One advantage of the Joyetech 510 and Ego is that they have the same connection and the parts are interchangeable. In fact a lot of eCig manufacturers use this same connection and it is very universal- just take a look at Blu and other eCig companies-- most of them have the same connection- the possibilities are almost limitless.

Another plus, if you are a Blu Cigs fan- the Joyetech 510 battery and Joyetech Ego batteries are interchangeable with the Blu Cig Cartridges - and wow, when using the 510 battery with either Cartridge, it produces a lot of Vapor. This is an advantage because if you run out of smoke juice or empty cartridges you can drive to your local Walgreens or CVS or most any other convenient store and pick up some Blu Cig Carts to use on your Ego or 510

If you are just getting into electronic cigarettes though, I suggest starting here with the 510 for a number of reasons. Mainly due to price & size, but also due to the fact that it is compatible with other systems in case you decide to switch later on.

Well that's all I have on the 510 for now, be sure to check back later when I review the Blu eCig.

See ya!

Joyetech e-GoT Review

Welcome back everyone! Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! I know I sure did.

Well, today I'm going to be going over the system that I have been using for about the past year now, it is called the Joyetech e-GoT Electronic-Cigarette.
This unit is one of the best eCigs I have owned to date. It is functional, reliable, and very easy to use.

The eGo-T usually retails for around $70-90 depending on where you purchase it

Each Kit contains:
  • (2) Joye eGo-T atomizer body (base + cover)
  • (5) Joye eGo-T atomizer heads
  • (2) Joye eGo-T 650mah manual batteries
  • (1) Fast USB charger
  • (1) AC adapter
  • (5) Type A Tank Cartridges
  • (1) User manual
  • (1) Pouch
  • (2) Rubber Mouthpiece covers

I wouldn't recommend this kit to someone who is new to eCigs though, for one thing it is a tad pricey for someone who is used to just paying $4-6 for their nicotine fix. Also, the amount of vapor this unit produces is just beastly. It is more of an eHookah than an eCig.

Another aspect I love about the eGo is how durable it is. This thing can take a beating and keep giving you vapor all day long, mine has scratches all up & down it from me clumsily dropping it all the time, but it still works just as well as the day I first got it.

The battery life is also amazing on these, when I tested how long the battery will last from charge to empty, I got to around a day and a half before I forgot I was testing the battery life and plugged it back in. But still, that's more than most people would need.

Overall though it is a very capable unit, good for people who used to be heavy, pack-a-day smokers.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

So many choices! How do I know what to pick?!

When shopping around for your first e-cig (especially online), it might seem overwhelming at times due to the huge selection, different brands, and many different styles of PV (personal vaporizer - the technical term for "E-Cig"). But I can help clear up that confusion with a brief guide to these choices.

First you're going to need to gauge how often you will be puffing on your e-cig, as this will be a major factor in deciding whether or not to get a drip tip or a tank system.

  • If you don't smoke that often then you will probably be best off with the standard Drip Tip that is included with most kits
  • If you are a moderate to heavy smoker then you will probably want to invest in a Tank Atomizer that will hold a reserve of E-liquid so you do not have to constantly refill your atomizer. (This is the system that I use)
  • They also make Cartridge Atomizers but these usually do not last longer than a quarter of a day and in my experiences are a total waste of money.

Another factor that comes into play is the form factor of the e-cig. Do you want it to be discrete, or is it something you don't mind people seeing and asking you about all the time?

I say this because there are models that are made to look almost identical to a regular, analog cigarette. And then there are models that look nothing like a cigarette, I have even seen one made to look like a lipstick container.
The pipe is actually an electronic cigarette... Seriously... You would get some looks if you whipped that out in public for sure.
 A more "normal" style of E-cig, and actually the exact setup I am currently using. (Works well, fyi. I will be doing a writeup on it later this week...)

Pictured below is the Joyetech 510 E-Cigarette. It is the model I was first introduced to almost 4 years ago. It is a drip tip system, although they do make it in a tank variety (and I have seen cartridges for it).

Overall, it is a very reliable unit, one that is easy to take care of and maintain. It provides a pretty decent amount of vapor and has one of the best battery life's out of all the units I have used.

If I had to recommend a unit for someone just getting into the world of digital tobacco, this would be the one. It is reliable, it is effective, and best of all, it is relatively inexpensive; Most places I have seen the 510 go for $40-50 for a starter kit.

Later this week I will go deeper in depth about the setup I use and the various other products the Joyetech company puts out, stay tuned...


Saturday, December 22, 2012

Value, my 2nd favorite part of switching.

Yesterday I talked a little bit about the "health" benefits to switching from regular tobacco cigarettes to electronic ones, so today I am going to talk about the cost benefits.

Like most smokers already know, their little habit is getting more and more expensive with each passing year. According to the CDC, in 1970, the average pack of cigarettes cost $0.38 with added tax of about $0.18.

As of 2009 though, the average pack cost $5.33 with $2.19 in taxes added on top. So smoking a pack a day would run you almost $80 a week, that's ridiculous. That definitely factored largely into why I was eager to find an alternative to smoking, especially one that was "a lot cheaper" according to my buddy who introduced me to e-cigs. Although you do have to pony up some cash to get started, if you're like how I used to be and smoke a pack a day, then it shouldn't be much more than a week's worth of cigarette money.

Once you have the starter kit you are all set. The kit usually comes with a small bottle of e-liquid, one of only two things you will have to replace. The atomizer heads are the only other item that wears out and needs occasional replacement, but they are inexpensive and usually pretty long lasting.

I tend to use my e-cig a lot so I go through about one 30ml bottle of liquid per month, which runs about $15 +S&H. I go through a 5 pack of the atomizers about once every 2 months or so and those also run about $10-15 (depending on your brand of e-cig).

~2 Month E-cig cost
30ml Liquid x2    -    $30
5pack AtmHead x1 - $15

Total   ----------------- $45

~2 Month Cigarette Cost
Pack a day @ $7/pk
$7 * 61 = $427

Thats $382 in savings! In just two months! Imagine how much you could save in a year! Not to mention the health savings too.

Overall if you are serious about quitting or at least switching  to something less harmful and a whole lot cheaper than regular smokes, try an electronic cigarette.

Check back tomorrow for a new post!


Friday, December 21, 2012

Where do I begin?

When discussing this subject with someone for the first time, I always have trouble deciding what major positive aspect of E-Cigs I should cover first, and I always come to the conclusion that the "Health" side of things would be best to cover first. So that is where we will start.

As most cigarette smokers already know, cigarettes are highly carcinogenic (ie. They cause Cancerous Tumors) and are just horrible for you in general.

But on the other side of the coin we have the Electronic Cigarette. While in a regular cigarette there are something to the tune of 5,000+ carcinogens and other chemicals, electronic cigarettes only have Nicotine, Propylene Glycol (a non-toxic substance also found in a lot of foods you eat on a daily basis), and various flavorings.

Now being so new, there haven't been a whole lot of major studies done on the effects that E-Cigs have on the human body, but most research that I can find points to them being a whole lot better than regular cigarettes.

(The following is quoted from a recent article on WebMD to further my point) 
According researcher Konstantinos Farsalinos, MD, of the Onassis Cardiac Surgery Center in Athens, Greece; "Considering the hazards associated with cigarette smoking, currently available data suggest that electronic cigarettes are far less harmful, and substituting tobacco with electronic cigarettes may be beneficial to health," he says.

Further on in the article American Heart Association spokesman Russell Luepker, MD, of the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis, says that because they "light up," electronic cigarettes may be preferred over other smoking cessation aids by some people trying to quit.

It’s not surprising they are less harmful than the real thing, he says. "The e-cigarette has the advantage of not having the thousands of other chemicals, besides nicotine, that a real cigarette has," he says.

"I don't think it's conclusive but there's no doubt if you expose someone to fewer bioactive chemical compounds there is going to be less effect on the heart," Luepker says. But they should only be used as a temporary bridge while quitting smoking, he says.

Well there you have it... One major reason to trade your cancer-sticks for an E-Cig; Your Health.

And tomorrow I will be covering the second major reason: Your Money!

Stay tuned!



If you're here then I'm guessing you're either a current smoker, or a smoker who is trying to quit. And if you fall into that latter category, how long have you been trying? I say "trying" because most do not have the sheer willpower to just quit smoking "cold-turkey", and every time I tried some out-there method of quitting I usually ended up right back where I started: Smoking cigarettes.

That was until a friend of mine showed me a new device he had picked up at a store in town. It was an "Electronic-Cigarette" and he told me that he had been using it for almost 6 months without going back to regular cigarettes, not even once!

So I scrounged up some cash, went down to the store he told me about, and decided to give it a shot myself...

I could not be happier with that decision I made almost four years ago. That's right, it has been four years since I switched from regular tobacco to the E-Cig, and I can safely say that it has helped me in many ways.

Well for starters I don't smell like a carton of cigarettes all the time, which is nice. I also seem to have less trouble with aerobic activities and I feel as though I have somewhat improved lung function since I switched. Also I have noticed that food & drinks taste a lot better than they used to when I was a regular smoker.

 There are plenty more benefits of switching from regular cigarettes to electronic ones but I will cover those and a whole lot more in the following posts.

This blog will serve as a place to put my thoughts on the subject of E-Cigs and reviews of products as well, so please check back soon as I will be posting a lot more in the next few days!


 (PS: Sorry for the funky formatting, I don't know what happened and can't seem to fix it)